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MZKT-630240-010 ballast tractor with right-hand steering wheel


Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant has released a brand-new MZKT-630240-010 (8x4) ballast tractor in tropical version, developed for foreign customers. The tractor is designed for transportation of various massive and indivisible loads as part of road train.

One of the distinguishing features is right-hand steering wheel. The tractor is made on MZKT-692374 truck tractor chassis, but this one is equipped with modern two-seat cab with berth and has the specific recognizable features of the civil line of VOLAT vehicles. Unladen weight of the tractor is 14.9 tons. Technically permissible weight of a towed trailer is 76,000 kg. Minimum stable speed with full load is 2 km/h, maximum speed is 45 km/h. This fully complies with technical requirements of a customer.

The vehicle is equipped with 400 hp diesel engine and a mechanical transmission manufactured by MZKT. The tractor is equipped with a zero-clearance towing hitch. At customer's request, flashing beacons and flame arrester can be additionally mounted.

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