About Us

For 68 years, Volat (Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Open Joint Stock Company) designs and makes unique transport solutions for its customers to carry heavy loads on public roads and in difficult terrains. The MWTP OJSC manufactures the equipment in accordance with customers’ individual requirement specifications, from one unit to several hundreds, using the range of accessories as wide as possible, produced both in Belarus and abroad.

The major competitive advantage of the manufactured equipment is described by our corporate motto: Vehicles overcoming all obstacles! The Volat equipment has excellent driving performance making it operable off-the-road. Various severe climatic conditions also make no obstacles for operation. Volat vehicles proved to be equally well in hot deserts of the Middle East and in frosty areas of the Far North in the Russian Federation.

In total, the enterprise employs more than 4000 of personnel. Many highly-skilled designers and engineers work in the MWTP OJSC. The MWTP OJSC comprises 10 manufacturing workshops, 3 auxiliary workshops, 25 function-oriented departments, 10 divisions. In 2015, the Neman Automotive Assembly Plant (Neman AAP) is merged into the enterprise structure.

The mission of MZKT OJSC is to provide unparalleled mobility of special systems and technological equipment in harsh operating conditions through the use of wheeled vehicles.

The vision of MZKT OJSCis to be the world leader in the production of heavy-duty wheeled vehicles of high cross-country ability, to set quality standards in the industry, to transmit our values and standards to customers and partners to achieve their ambitious goals.

Our values:

efficiency - we are constantly improving our work processes, products and services based on the needs of customers, employees, the government (owners) and society, making them more productive for customers and safer for the environment;

commitment- we always fulfil what we promise; we strive to create a relationship of true partnership. Fulfilment of obligations is a style of our life both in relation to customers, and in relation to suppliers and employees;

design advantages and reliability - we believe that the design advantages and reliability of our products provide value for our customers, the ability of our vehicles to perform their functions reliably in harsh operating conditions allows our customers to effectively solve the assigned tasks;

excellence - we constantly strive to achieve excellence in all areas of our activities in order to ultimately exceed the expectations of our customers;

team spirit - we strive to cultivate a sense of involvement among the employees, pride in their contribution to a common goal, interest in the results of their work, an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect for dignity; we create conditions for professional development and training of each employee, recognizing the value of individual knowledge and skills;

involvement– employees, customers, sales agents, manufacturers of weapons systems and technological equipment are our team, we carefully listen to their opinions in order to find the best solutions for the implementation of joint projects.

Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant is an open joint stock company, with 100% shares being the property of the Republic of Belarus.