Service and warranty

The warranty service period

The warranty service period is specified in the sales contract, depending on the equipment model and operation conditions.

During the warranty period, Volat will replace any components prematurely failed, subject to the specified operation conditions. The warranty periods for an engine, tires, batteries, headphones and intercoms are provided by manufacturers of these items.

When you contact Volat in case of an event covered by the warranty, always specify the vehicle model, VIN number, mileage and engine running hours. With these data, we shall deal with your request much quicker.

The warranty liabilities are terminated when the warranty period or the warranty operation hours are expired for the chassis, whichever is earlier. The warranty liabilities become null and void if the requirements specified in the operation manual are violated during the equipment operation or if any modifications of equipment not authorised by Volat are made.

The warranty service period Volat