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In 2019, the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant represented a brand new oil and gas chassis MZKT-750004, which exterior is executed in a recognizable corporate design of VOLAT. The new development is evolution of MZKT-652712 and MZKT-700700 oil and gas chassis line.

At the beginning of 2020, all the tests and certifications of a new VOLAT chassis MZKT-750004 were completed. A new tetraaxial, all-wheel-drive chassis with 8х8 wheel configuration is designed for installation of equipment for oil and gas industry.

This chassis of VOLAT is classified as N3G in accordance with GOST 31286, is an off-road heavy motor truck designed for operation mainly outside the public roadways, in explored areas. It can be used on the roads designed for heavy vehicle passing corresponding to the requirements of table 1.

The chassis is designed for operation in the countries with mild climate with ambient temperature from - 40 °С to +40 °С, relative air humidity up to 98 %. YMZ-653 (308.8 kW) engine of Euro-5 emission standard in combination with a mechanical 9-speed transmission gearbox produced in-house is installed on VOLAT chassis. Control drive of the main transmission gearbox – remote, mechanical with pneumatic booster.

Transfer case – a single-speed reduction gear box with primary differential and power output. Acceptable absorption torque up to 3000 Nm in the parking lot.

The driving rigid (unsplit) bridges consist of central gearboxes, half shafts and wheel gears. Interaxial and inter-wheel differential have positive locking from the driver’s cabin. Blocking mechanism drive is electropneumatic.

The first and the second axle suspension is dependent, spring with two-way hydraulic shock absorber. The third and the fourth axle suspension is spring and equalizing beam. The wheels are single, with dismountable rim, disc. Tires are 16.00 R 20 pneumatic, tubeless. There is a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Steering control with the first and the second axle wheel drive, steering gear is completely hydraulic, with primary and backup hydraulic systems.

A service brake system - with drum-type braking gears on each wheel. The drive is pneumatic, executed according to dual-circuit scheme. There is an anti-lock braking system.

Secondary braking system - emergency electronic and pneumatic brake from the driver’s cab by a damper on the exhaust pipe of engine.

The cabin is all-metal, two-seat, heated, tilt. The cabin is equipped with integrated environmental system with automatic control of temperature.

Driving distance by control fuel consumption is not less then 750 km. The fuel tank has 500 L nominal filling volume..

At the present moment, the certificate of CTA (chassis type approval) and VCC (vehicle chassis certificate) confirming compliance of new vehicle chassis with the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union "On Safety of Wheeled Vehicles" (TR CU 018/2011).

The structure of a new chassis VOLAT, MZKT-750004, allows mounting various oil and gas equipment weighing up to 29.7 t, such as coil-tubing plants, compressor and pump stations, nitrogen and hydration units, concrete pumpers and etc.

Visit the website for detailed performance specifications of a new model (MZKT-750004).

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