New chassis MZKT-652760-231

The assembly shop launched a new chassis for the installation of coiled tubing equipment – MZKT-652760-231. The chassis with a wheel arrangement of 10x10 is an off-road heavy-duty vehicle and is intended for operation mainly off public highways, in explored areas.

The major differences of the modified VOLAT chassis from the previous MZKT-652760-230 modification are: 
- a reinforced frame in the place of the coiled tubing drum installation; 
- use of Michelin tires to increase axle loads; 
- reduced wheelbase between the 2nd and 3rd axles up to 5,000 mm; 
- another transfer case is applied.

As a result of the modifications, the carrying capacity of the chassis has been increased, which will allow the superstructure manufacturer to place equipment with improved parameters.

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