MWTP OJSC started developping civil vehicle MWTP-4503KM

MWTP OJSC started developping civil vehicle MWTP-4503KM

MWTP OJSC started developing a civil all-terrain vehicle of a body shop and a crew bus type. Vehicle MWTP-4503КМ is designed to deliver specialists of various companies to the work places.

MWTP-4503КМ is developed based on the chassis of MWTP-MWTP, which is supplied by series for the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus, State Border Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, and other state administrative bodies.

When compared with similar models of other manufacturers vehicle MWTP-4503КМ has a larger wheel depth and stabilizers ensuring higher transverse stability indicators; raised ground clearance (400 mm) and rear safety device adjusted by height, as well as use of permanent full differential drive ensure a high mobility, especially off-road and in rocky terrain.

Designers included a reliable quick engine start even at the lowest temperatures - it is possible due to a liquid prestart heater for a basic MWTP vehicle configuration. A powerful, high-torque engine with a higher power density and the use of a 6-speed gearbox with a wider range, as well as a 6th accelerating gear, ensure MWTP-4503KM with higher traction-dynamic and fuel-economic indicators.

Special attention is paid to the vehicle serviceability and reliability of the parking system. MWTP-4503КМ is equipped with a pneumatic booster in the clutch drive and pneumatic brake gear. It has spring brakes of the parking brake system with a pneumatic brake release, engine retarder, as well as a tilt cab, rooftop lights and portable electric winch for self-pulling.