Recreation center «Berezka»

Berezka Recreation Centre is located on the bank of Osipovichi water basin surrounded by a mixed forest area. Distance from Minsk along Minsk - Gomel route - 97 km. Coordinates: 53.356774, 28.639777.

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The territory of the recreation centre is secured.

There are 98 summer houses, a hostel for 20 persons, a canteen for 100 seats, administrative premises, and an artesian well. You can rent boats, pedal boats. There is a barbecue and billiard zone.

Berezka Recreation Centre provides tourist and wellness services, mass sports and cultural events, as well as anniversaries, weddings, special events, conferences etc.

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Alexander Fyodorovich Silivonchik - head of Department of Social Welfare and Development

Tel: +375-17-330-17-57

Vladimir Dmitriyevich Yakimenko - head of Berezka Recreation Centre

Tel: +375-22-354-35-15, +375-22-354-35-18